Thursday, January 06, 2011

She turned 5...

I have about 5 blog posts up my including pictures of Drew's nursery. First a simple post celebrating/lamenting the fact that my oldest niece turned 5 last month. To me, 5 is when they go from being "little" to "big" kids.  

Home from the hospital
Around 18 months

Age 2

Age 2 1/2 (my wedding day)

3rd Birthday

Age 3 1/2
Not sure what to think about her new sister

Age 4

Age 4...almost 5

Age 5 at her princess birthday tea
Addie is so good with her little sister...she is patient, understanding, and generous with Macy. I am excited to see Addie with her cousin Drew. I love that my sister's family lives only 5 minutes away, and I hope that our kids are lifelong friends. Addison Leigh Seidel, I love you more than words can express and I pray big things for you.  To end, here is a recent picture of my youngest niece, Macy at 18 months old.

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