Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Cheat Post!!

So, I swore I would post before Kent came home on Thursday, but it's almost 10 pm which is when I turn into a pumpkin so my post can't be too long. 10 things that I have learned while Kent has been gone (beware, they are a little cheesy!)

1) I really loved the looooonnnngggg season of being single, but I am so glad it's over. Thank you Lord for the call to marriage.
2) I am thankful that Kent takes out the trash. Doing it this week made me remember how much I hate it. I always stand back as far as I can from the dumpster and launch the bag in. Not many things gross me out nearly as much as the smell of a dumpster.
3) Things are just better when Kent is here...even if we're not talking, I just like to have him near. Summer and Lauren got a kick out of the fact that Kent and I will sit with our laptops propped up in our laps while laying in bed. ha, ha.
4) I complain a lot about the weekly pileup of socks on the floor and the 3 or more cups that accumulate by my husband's bedside, but this week has taught me I secretly love it because it means he's here.
5) We suck at talking on the phone (we already knew this, but it was confirmed this week).
6) I learned how video chat on google on Sunday...very cool and very futuristic feeling! Kent and I laughed about how we thought that we thought there would be flying cars by the time we could live video chat.
7) I learned the importance of praying for wives that have husbands that travel frequently. Especially if it's overseas! (Kent is only in Indiana, but it feels like another country. :)
8) I really appreciate him getting me bedside water nightly. I knew I appreciated it before, but this week has reminded me how much.
9) I have been reminded that the Lord is truly my only constant companion.
10) I learned that it takes less than 10 months to develop very regular habits. We have been married less than 10 months, but having him gone for 7 days has thrown my whole schedule for a loop.

The other portion of my blog is a cop-out. I never blogged about our awesome spring break. Summer did a great job of sharing, so check out her blog.

Good night my loves!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday 8:44 pm

I don't have anything too exciting to type away about or any pictures to share, but I felt like writing...so I am writing. It's 8:44 pm on Tuesday night, and the Rabalais' apartment is pretty quiet. Kent and I are in our low-key nightly posture with our laptops in our laps. He is probably checking a sports, news, or theological website/blog, and I am checking in on all my newly found creative's blogs.

I have been thinking a lot about Easter and the resurrection. On Monday and Tuesday I polled my kids at work about what they did to celebrate the holiday. Most of them talked about how much candy they received or what toy the Easter bunny hid (Did you know that kids get things like scooters, soccer balls, and Wii games for Easter???). Very few mentioned going to church, and when I asked if they went to church I would say about 40-50% said yes. I asked each group filled of my little speech darlings if they knew the real reason we celebrated Easter, and 2 out of my 43 kids explained the resurrection well. One little girl named Lauren (who was born in China and then adopted by a beautiful family) received a new bible for Easter, because her old bible was falling apart. She goes to Irving Bible, and lives in a home that believes and lives for Jesus. Today when I asked her to share why Easter is important she told the story of the death, burial, and resurrection as well as I could tell it. I love hearing little Lauren with her speech impaired /r/ sound say, "Jesus died on the cwoss fo ow sins..." She preached, and the Lord exulted over her with singing and dancing as she shared the beautiful gospel!! I pray tonight that those little first grade minds are spinning with the information Lauren, the 1st grade evangelist, shared. Here is a picture of sweet Lauren (I think that name is annointed, every Lauren I know is amazing!)

We live in "Christian" nation (DFW=biblebelt!!!), and 2 out of 40 kids know why we celebrate Easter?!?! And, even worse yet 18 other kids went to church and still think that Easter is about bunnies and eggs! God, please have mercy on our souls and bring revival to Flower Mound. Let us not walk blindly thinking this life is about our comfort and happiness, but instead may we look to Christ and His Kingdom for our joy.

Only 37 days of work remaining for the 2008-09 school year, and then about 2 1/2 months off! Praying through and preparing for what the summer is going to look like, so I don't wake up one day in late August and all I have accomplished is a good tan. Lord, please let me be resourceful with my time. I am going to do a little therapy, and a lot of reading, writing, and cooking. I am already giddy just thinking about it!!

Okay, it's time to start preparing for tomorrow's workday...My 4:40 am alarm will be going off in only a few hours...

Kent has to go out of town for a week starting on Friday :(, so I am determined to post again while he is gone. Until then...good night!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Good Photographer, Amazing God

I stumbled across an amazing website tonight. In this picture alone, God created not only the clouds, but the shapes of the clouds, the color of the sky, the photographer's talent, the web people to create such a blog, and on and on the list could go. All creation literally sings praises to Him!