Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So being in 12 weddings as a bridesmaid (I wonder if I can list them all: Megan, Sara F., Kelly, Sarah B., Czarina, Kristen W., Lauren W., Shelly, Dawntoya, Lauren F., Melissa, and soon to be Chev) did not prepare me adequately for planning my own and preparing to become a wife. You hear and/or witness the busy times, the moving, the premarital counseling, the learning how to deal with new a new family, budgeting together etc, etc, but I didn't get it until I entered it myself. Currently I am laying on a bed that is not mine, in a room that is not mine, and living in a house that I do not pay rent or a mortgage for...I am officially living with Steven and Glo Gaddis (and Roommate, aka Bex). That is just one of the minor changes that has occurred in recent months. We officially move out of Timber Ridge tomorrow night with the help of Kent, Abe (Bex's brother), and Matt McCauley's Home Group. Bex and Kris will officially no longer reside in the Flo Mo ghetto. I will miss that place. I told Kent today that we need our pic taken in front of the sign there since it was where we met (thanks Paul and Geoff), where we started dating, where we first kissed, and the location for many long talks/romantic moments/movie watching/etc. I am glad dating and engagement will be over in 72 days (I am not psycho, I looked on The Knot website to find out how long it was :). This middle ground is hard and I am ready to be married to Kent, but we are really fighting to enjoy this time and enjoy the moment. Wedding planning is going well, and I think I am done with all big decisions!!! I hope that it is fun and beautiful, but I really my prayer is that each little decision in some way bring the Lord glory and make His name everything from the music sang, to the dress, to the way the food tastes, I want it all to be a reflection of Jesus. Otherwise, we have just spent way too much money on a party that everyone will forget about in a few weeks. Only 30 days left of work before summer vacation. There are some drawbacks to my job, but I think hands down the vacation time cannot be beat! I am really praying this summer is intentional and purposeful. Anyway, this is the most random post ever and all that actually read my blog probably already knew each of these details, but nonetheless, typing while laying in bed sounded appealing tonight. I may regret it when my alarm goes off at 4:45 am to workout...probably not. In all of this, I know that God is good and that even these earthly decisions can get me more of Him and bring Him's a fight, especially for me who is prone to materialism, control, and selfishness. Pray for me!

This post is poorly written and random, but it's something!!

Good night!