Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A few pictures

My favorite friend and photographer took a few pictures so that we could use one for our Save the Date cards and so that mom could put one in the local newspaper. So, check out the famous Lindsey Brittain's blog to see a few pics of Kentsten http://lindseysheaphotography.blogspot.com/.

Think mom will put the one of us kissing in the grass in the Corpus Christi Caller Times??


Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Letter

Several of you have said that you were unable to see Kent's letter that he wrote while He was in Israel. I reread it this morning, and really feel like it is from the Lord and so I want to share it. Oh, why am I able to write a blog midmorning on a Thursday, because I took a mental health day (aka a personal day!). The morning consisted of working out, a good breakfast, and time with the Lord that was not controlled by the clock telling me to get to work. I have 4 blogs floating in my head, maybe over spring break I will be able to get them written. The letter (you can see the original post from our engagement story in The Story of Kentsten):

Dear Kristen,

I sit overlooking the Mediterranean Sea now, thinking of the Lord, and you. I think the hardest thing any two humans may face as the grow closer may be their desire to yearn for each other, more than yearning for the Lord. It is so easy and natural to do-taking creation and exalting it above the Creator. One may be tempted in reading the above and think, "that's not how my parents are, or my friends are, or my sister is, or my brother is, they quarrel, they have their hope in hobbies and careers they don't burn for each other. They did, but they don't now." Why is this? Two people fall for each other, burn with yearning and passion, then at some point find themselves burnt out on each other and onto other things. It is James 4:1-19, Why do we fight and argue? Is it not the desires that rage withing us? Yes, because n the above examples we put our yearning and hope completely in human flesh and cursed are we if this is our ultimate hope. When flesh fails, passionate fights will occur, because our god (the person) has let us down.

But what if this didn't happen? What if we begged the Lord to give us the grace to have our eyes opened and our ears made to hear the Truth-that there is only one who is worthy of our ultimate yearning. One ONE who is worthy of our ultimate hope, only ONE who is worthy to be called Lord of Lords and King of Kings-Jesus Christ. What if he would give two people the joy of enjoying His creation the way it was intended-for it to cause worship to the creator of all things? What if He let two people not look to flesh to satisfy the scorched places, but to Him who gives a watered garden, whose waters do not fail? What if He would open our eyes and ears to know Him as Lord, and not each other? It would be amazing. It is what I am begging for in this relationship. It is not natural, and it is not always easy, but He is faithful to do what He wills, and I know that He works all things for good according to His purposes for those that love Him and that He call as His children: and even if He doesn't give any of that, He has given us everything already. But oh! How we can entreat, plead, and beg Him for more. This is my hope and desire more than anything. That we would know this life as we know it now is temporary and a time for harvest of the Kingdom of God and for the sanctification of His fruitful seed. Ultimately it is not about happiness and comfort-though He may give those things (may it cause worship!), but it is about Him!!! May we get that.

Lord, put us before the throne, begging you for this-that you alone are God and you alone are worthy of our worship. This is my hope. This is my dream for marriage. This is my prayer. May it be.

"Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for My sake will preserve it."

Wouldn't it be amazing if this was not how we only entered marriage, but our daily lives...knowing that all of this was merely apart of a bigger, grander plan. We can only see in part, but He sees in full.