Thursday, January 29, 2009

It happened again...

So blogging one time every 5 months isn't really a reason to keep a blog. However, I like having a blog and I like the idea of blogging regularly, so I will keep mine for the hopes of the day I habitually update this thing. September to the end of January, how do you update events and thoughts to cover 5 months. I shall do it in bullet points (you guys know I love me some bullet point lists):

*Octoberish: Getting my iPhone!!!! Goodbye Sprint, goodbye to flip phones!

*October 5th: Kent and I went with his Dad and step mom to the Texans v. Colts game. I have always respected Tony Dungee, so it was fun watching that game...AND we had awesome seats.

*October 11th-13th: Dad's 60th Birthday Celebration at the beach. It was a great getaway time with the whole fam. Few pics:

*October 31st: Celebrating my husband's 30th birthday

*November 1st Watching (on tv) Texas Tech beat Texas. I haven't cheered that loud since college!!

*November 19th: Seeing Coldplay in concert

*November 15th: Seeing my friend Afshin get married and going to III Forks for the first time.

*November 27th: First married Thanksgiving at my parents house. I cooked 3/4 of the meal, so I had a lot of fun doing that.

*December 13th: Going to my niece's 3rd birthday party

*December 14th: Watching the Cowboys vs. Giants..2nd to last game in Texas stadium and the last decent game played by the Cowboys in 2008

*December 23-26th: First married Christmas and first Christmas away from my parents. Favorite gift by far...Wii!!!!

*January 2nd: Going to the Cotton Bowl (crappy game, but fun atmosphere)

*January 3rd: Going to my best friend Lauren's (Waters) baby shower. Can't wait to meet Anna Leigh

*January 6th: Celebrating Sara's birthday Indian style!!

*January 17th: Lindsey's 1st annual wine party (yes, Lindsey it will be an annual event) and meeting sweet Zipporah!

I think that's at least some of the events I have to post. I have been married 7 months now (almost)!! The Lord blessed me with an amazing man, and I am so thankful for him. Stay tuned, I promise to post more soon...I have lots of book reviews to do..I have been reading a lot!