Friday, January 07, 2011

35 week pregnancy update

I haven't talked too much about my pregnancy recently, but I thought I would do a short post giving a brief update. Here are a few stats:

  • Currently 35 weeks, with an approximate due date of 2/11/11 (but, he is welcome to come earlier)
  • We have most of his clothes washed and his nursery just about completed..still need to hang a mobile and I am considering doing a DIY valence for his window. Blog with pictures of his nursery coming soon. Also, still need to install his car seat and set up the pack & play. 
  • For the most part I feel okay. Drew is sitting very high, so I sometimes have trouble breathing and have daily acid reflux. Also, I have weird pains in my back..but tomorrow I am getting a prenatal massage at Spa Nordstrom (Christmas present from Drew's dad :). 
  • Sleep isn't great, but not terrible. Usually wake up 3-4 per night, but I guess that will be my future for the next few months. 
  • My only consistent craving through my pregnancy has been orange juice, but occasionally I will have a strong craving for Chinese food!! 
  • Doctor said on Thursday that Drew's position is great and he anticipates that I will have an "easy" labor and delivery. I am not counting on the easy part, but we will see! 
  • Right now I am planning on taking 10 weeks off work, so I am staying very busy at work preparing for my maternity leave. 
I have not been taking consistent pictures through my pregnancy, but occasionally I will take one to send to my best friend, Lauren in Denver. So if you aren't grossed out by pregnant women...enjoy!!

In Florida..about 4 weeks pregnant but didn't know it!

8 weeks 

12 weeks 

About 20 weeks 

26 weeks @ Dallas baby shower with all of Drew's grandmothers
32 weeks at annual Christmas dinner with Glosie and Bex
33 weeks
35 weeks (took picture to wish my mom a happy birthday from Drew :)


Kelli said...

Girl, you are so cute! I am so excited to meet sweet little Drew. He is going to be precious! I will be praying for you guys!

Norm said...

kristen you are such an adorable pregnant lady!!!! you look gorgeous and ready for mommy time!!