Sunday, July 26, 2009

Neighbors, Word-Eating, and Macy

I have a million things to blog about, but I am only going to choose 3.

1) I just met (today!) a new neighbor named Jane. She is in her 70's and cute as a button. I am thinking about making her cookies and maybe get to know her a little better. I have always wanted an old woman neighbor to take care of!!

2) My beautiful friend Summer has a hilarious blog post that I decided to copy. She listed the 10 things she swore she would never do and is now eating her words, and then the 10 things that she still swears she will never do (and will probably eat her words). If you know Summer, the list is completely true and funny! Here is my list:

Things I said I would never do, but ended up doing:

1. Getting on Facebook
2. Watching movies like Lord of the Rings (and loving it!!)
3. Watching LOST
4. Watching The Office
5. Talking in voices and using ridiculous names with my husband
6. Wearing Skinny Jeans
7. Enjoying Yoga
8. Wearing leggings
9. Liking popular bands like U2 and Coldplay

Things I still swear I will never do (but may end up eating my words):

1. Watch and enjoy Starwars
2. Eat pickled things (sick)
3. Dye my hair dark
4. Natural Childbirth (copied from Sum's, yep don't feel a call to that one)
5. Learn to smile with my eyes and model walk (though I wish I could)
6. Wear heartbutt jeans (yep the clause was permanent)
7. Drive a minivan (though I can see how this may be necessary :)
8. Enjoy swimming as exercise
9. Allow my kid to use a pacifier beyond 1 year of age (it's weird to me when 3 and 4 year olds still use them...not to mention terrible for their speech development!)
10. Washing my hair everyday

3) Finally, the most important are pics of my new beautiful niece Macy Elizabeth Seidel!

That's all for now..oh, and I love and appreciate my husband..he is currently fixing fuses on my car. My least favorite thing to do is deal with car stuff, and he takes care of it all! Thanks Babe!