Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Work Showers

I have about 5 hours to kill before checking in to the hospital, and considering I haven't blogged in awhile I thought I should post a few things. Hopefully this will be one of two or three posts in the next few hours.

On January 19th, my amazing team at work hosted a baby shower for us at work. I was not prepared at how generous my co-workers were going to be...we received adorable embroidered clothes, gift cards, bibs, and other fun things. This little boy is so blessed already!! Here are a few pictures from the shower.

Cute gift basket of goodies from my team

37 weeks pregnant and counting down the days

Both pregnant on the same hallway. DeNae is about 10 weeks behind me with her second baby!! 

Kent's coworkers hosted a baby shower for us on January 28th. I forgot to take pictures at that one, but it was great. It was so fun meeting a lot of Kent's coworkers and seeing how excited they were for Kent to be a dad. We got gift cards, clothes, books, and even a spa gift certificate for me!! I am saving it for some time after Drew is here when I feel the need for some pampering. 

Stay tuned for another post soon!!

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