Tuesday, February 08, 2011

39..(almost 40) week update

I am not going to share the picture that I have of me at the beginning of week 39. The picture I have I lifted my shirt and sent a pic to my mom...I am huge and not a fan of my bare prego stomach on the internet :). However, Lindsey and I took a few fun maternity pictures in the snow last week, with me fully clothed...so I will post a few of those when I have them.

In about 4 hours Kent and I will leave our house to go to the hospital to be induced. When we return, we will have a son and life as we currently know it will not be the same. We are eager, excited, and a little anxious about becoming parents...but ready or not here we go!! Few different stats:

  • Currently 39 weeks (40 on Thursday). From the beginning my doc has said I would deliver sometime between the 4th-11th. So, after some consideration of all the pros and cons--we decided that tonight we will start the induction process. We are praying for everything to go smoothly and that we will meet our son sometime tomorrow 2/9/11. 
  • Everything is very much done....Carseat installed, bags packed, books read, etc etc. I have had to-do lists going for weeks, and so now that today is finally here I am sitting around without a lot to do. I tried to nap, but I was too excited to fall asleep :).
  • For the most part I still feel okay. My skin is itchy and my back is still achy even after the massage, but I guess when you are carrying a large watermelon in front of your body that is to be expected. 
  • Sleep has gone from okay to pretty terrible. There have been a few nights I lay completely wide awake for 3-4 hours. 
  • No new cravings, but I have allowed myself to enjoy a lot of food recently knowing that soon it will be back to exercise and only healthy eating in an attempt to get back into my regular jeans. 
  • Doctor continues to say that he anticipates an easy delivery, I am hoping he puts his money where his mouth is tomorrow. :)
  • At our last sonogram 2 weeks ago Drew weighed approximately 6 lbs, 12 oz. They always say they could be a pound under or over on their estimation. I am hoping that Drew is under 8 pounds, but our family is kinda known for big babies so we shall see. 
I guess that is all my news for now...the exciting stuff is still to come. I will post a picture here as soon as I can. I can't wait for you all to meet our son!!! 

Oh, one more little thing...have you all heard of a Push Present?? Neither had I, but yesterday Kent came home with a new mom gift, and today my friend Jill informed me those gifts are known as a Push Present :). Kent gave me a color Nook...which is awesome and I completely love it!! I can read mags, blogs, and books with ease and on one little handy device. Kent is a great gift giver and really puts a lot of thought into presents. I love it!!!

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Michelle said...

So excited for you guys! I will be sending prayers your way and can't wait to hear all the details!